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Own an Original Nikki Newman Artwork

"To me, owning an original piece of art is a real investment, it's something that - when well looked after - will last a lifetime and beyond. It will bring pleasure and inspiration, can encapsulate the memory of a place, moment or person and will always be a talking point in your home. I also believe that a painting need not be big to have an impact, some of my smallest works have proven to be the most emotive, drawing the viewer into a quiet or possibly easily overlooked moment; an original painting, no matter what size, has the power to make you stop for a while. Ultimately, I want my work to be uplifting."

Nikki Newman

Original Artwork Available

Click on an image to enlarge it in slideshow format.  All prices are in QAR, USD, GBP & EUR.

To ​buy an original artwork

Contact Nikki Newman

Tel: 0044 7725 912025

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